Weather Station - Model 31215

I have two (2) indoor/outdoor units which are used in adjoining condos. Is it necessary to mount two (2) remote sensors, or will one remote service both indoor units?


You can easily operate several displays from 1 transmitter that is compatible and within range of the with the displays.

Batteries remain the #1 warranty issue we see.We advise the use of batteries dated 6 or more years in advance of the current year. Good name brand batteries make less noise, which reduces the chance of RF interference from the battery compartment.   If you have a voltmeter that reads numerically, a minimum voltage of 1.48V for each battery is necessary for proper performance. Batteries dated earlier than 6 years from now may still work, but may be unstable in performance.

NOTE: Please have all units 5-10 feet from each other for set up.

  • REMOVE POWER: First, remove the batteries (and or a/c power) from the clock or weather stations and from the transmitter, and wait 15 minutes. 
  • DISCHARGE ELECTRICITY: With the power removed, press one of the buttons on the display at least 20 times to clear all memory. Please do this even if the display is blank to remove any random electricity. Verify the display is blank.
  • UNPOWERED FOR 15 MINUTES: It is important with most of our displays to remain without power for at least 15 minutes.
  • NOTE: Failure to allow a display to rest for 15 minutes can result in failure to connect with the outdoor sensor or missing segment on the displays. The instruction manual describes a setup for a new unit that has not had time to build up residual electricity.
  • BATTERIES: Please be sure you are using fresh batteries testing to a minimum of 1.48, on a voltmeter that reads in numbers. 
  • SENSOR FIRST: Place batteries into the outdoor sensor first so that it begins to send a signal. Make sure they are installed according to the diagrams in the battery compartment.
  • DISPLAYS NEXT: Within 2 minutes of powering up the transmitter, insert the batteries into all of your Clocks or Weather Stations one right after the other.
  • Once the batteries are in place, all segments of the LCD will light up briefly. If the clock or weather stations remain blank after 10 seconds remove the batteries from all units and wait for at least 60 seconds before reinserting them.
  • CONNECTION: Allow the sensor and displays to remain 5 feet apart for 15 minutes to establish a strong connection. Do not press buttons at this time. You should see a reading on the outdoor temperature area in the first minute.